Real-time languages

A real-time computer language involves live interaction and synchronization between human actions and the computer program.

Antescofo language CAO Interactive real-time

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    Antescofo language Programmation synchrone Software

    FREE- Antescofo is a real-time module for Max and PureData. It accepts a symbolic music score, and in real-time "listens" to a musician (via a mic...

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    Antescofo Atom OSC

    This package provides a grammar core to activate syntax highlighting for the Antescofo Language and an OSC communication with Antescofo. Event and ...

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    Forum Max Apps

    IRCAM Max Max lib

    FREE- Collections of Max6 patches that allow rapid use of IRCAM Forum audio technologies.

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    CAO Cao Composition

    OM# (om-sharp) is a computer-assisted composition environment derived from OpenMusic: a visual programming language dedicated to musical structure ...

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    Max world

    Librairies, externals, projects, Maxforlive devices, patchs, tutorials...