Improvisation, generativity and co-creative interactions
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This category gathers reactive artificial intelligence technologies allowing listening and improvised or composed interaction in real time with captured, prepared or generated materials.

Comprovisation Generative Improvisation

  • Project


    Improvisation Software

    The Virtual Improviser Max Agent

  • Project

    SOMAX 2

    CAO Composition Comprovisation

    Somax 2 is an application for musical improvisation and composition. It is implemented in Max and is based on a generative model using a process si...

  • Project

    DYCI2 library

    Composition Concatenative synthesis Generative

    This library contains a collection of generative agents and tools for smart composition and human-machine co-improvisation integrating the results ...

  • Event

    Artisticiel : Cyber Improvisations

    Published on 06/03/2021

    Dans la collection des Dialogiques d’Uzeste, le grand improvisateur Bernard Lubat dialogue avec les systèmes d'IA musicale de l'Ircam Omax, Somax e...

    • Paris
    • Thursday 3 June 2021
    • 00h00
  • Article

    AI Swing!

    IRCAM Artistic Research Recherche Musicale

    Published on 03/21/2019

    2018.19 Artistic Research Residency. Raphaël Imbert et Benjamin Lévy. In collaboration with the Musical Representations IRCAM-STMS Team and the A...

  • Event

    Improtech Paris - Athina 2019 (ikPA’19)

    Published on 06/04/2019

    Improtech Paris - Athina 2019 (ikPA'19) will be held in Athens, Greece from Sept. 26 to 29.

    • Onassis Cultural Center and the University of Athens
    • Thursday 26 September 2019
    • 04h00
  • Event

    Autour de Bernard Lubat : Musique, Technologie, Politique

    Published on 11/06/2019

    -> Séminaire annulé. Une rencontre de Bernard Lubat, de la musique de Pierre Boulez, et de son double. Organisé par Marc Chemillier (CAMS-EHE...

    • Institut des Systèmes Complexes
    • Monday 9 December 2019
    • 14h00