A Max patch to calculate Resonance Models for the CNMAT resonators~ object (as the ResAn analysis GUI of Diphone Studio) & apply transformations on the models.

Max Resonator

Release notes

MaxModRes 0.2

This patch replace the ResAn analysis sofware that came before with Diphone Studio.

It uses the resonator~ & resdisplay objects of the CNMAT package. Please install this package with the Packages Manager of Max before opening the MaxModRes patch.

modres 2.0.2 is distributed separatly. Please download "modres-2.0.2_MacOSX.dmg" and put "moderes-2.0.2" folder in "/Applications".

New in v0.2:

Add dynamic naming depending on data changes. replaced by
Signed version of modres
The patch should now work on Catalina and up.

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