Modalys beta


Modalys beta

Modalys Physical modeling engine

Release notes

Modalys for Max
- mlys.lua:
* "mlys" alias namespace created. So instead of "modalys.freq_to_midi", you may write the more compliant "mlys.freq_to_midi"
* aliases added to functions, to match legacy namings: modalys <-> mlys, make_object <-> create_object,
make_connection <-> create_connection, make_mesh <-> create_mesh, make_point_output <-> create_point_output, extend_mesh <-> create_mesh

Modalys for Max
- a long-standing request: modifying an attribute in mlys.expression (and now mlys.lua) doesn't erase the script content anymore!
- mlys.lua:
* improved stability.
* modalys.release now accepts any series of item references. For instance modalys.release(mystring,mymesh,ctrl1)
* new function modalys.compute_modes(--object reference--)
* new function get_pitched_finite_element_object(--parameters--). Parameters are: "mesh", "name", "block" (a mesh that describes the fixed nodes), "midinote" or "frequency", "modes" (amount), "thickness" (for 2D mesh), "density", "young", "poisson", "constloss", "freqloss".
* new function modalys.freeze_object(--object reference--) For now, it is only for actual objects (strings, tubes etc.) but the plan is to extend it to access and controllers.
* new function modalys.get_mesh(--object reference--) to get the mesh reference of a given 3D-based object.
* new objects implemented in create_object (more to come...)
* new connections implemented in create_connection (more to come...)

Modalys for Max
- mlys.lua
* new function modalys.midi_to_freq(--midi note--)
* new function modalys.freq_to_midi(--freq--)
* new function normalised_random()
* new function modalys.create_access(--parameters--). Parameters are: "kind" (normal, trans0 etc.), "where" (object ref), "name", "location"/"position" (can 1- or 2-dimensional, or a node etc.)
* new function modalys.create_point_output(--parameters--)
* new function modalys.create_object(--parameters--)
* new function modalys.create_connection(--parameters--)
* new function modalys.create_mesh(--parameters--)
* new function modalys.extend_mesh(--parameters--)
* new function modalys.transform_mesh(--parameters--)
* new function modalys.save_mesh(--parameters--). Parameters are: "mesh", and "path" (can be relative).
* new function modalys.create_connection(--parameters--)

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