The "Multiplayer" is a standalone application for processing/decoding/diffusion of multichannel audio files in various formats.

Audio Decoding Multichannel Spatialisation

Release notes

Version History

Release Version : 1.0
Release Date : 09/11/2010

-changed dsp graph (/binaural-renderer now before /out-levels) see flowchart
-fileplayer: replaced filewatching with better method for auto-re-loading of overwritten files
-transparency and 'always on top' for GUI
-new presets added
-added snaphot functionality for preset storage
-uses new ICST ambisonics decoder (2.0b9)

Release Version : 0.8
Release Date : 22/04/2010

-fileplayer: filewatch feature improved and working
-improvements in ambisonics-decoder module
-removed individual HRTFs for binaural rendering
-removed FIR-modes for nearfield filters (causing distortion due to a bug in spat.pan~ 4.2.3)
-added a 'Quickhelp' menu item displaying signal flow graph
-improved Cuescript (removed unnecessary data from presets)

Release Version : 0.79
Release Date : 22/04/2010

-miscellaneous fixes
-added DSP Status and Settings Options to the menubar

Known Issues:
-the filewatch feature is currently broken

Release Version : 0.78
Release Date : 20/04/2010

-fixed bug for listener visualization in ambimonitor
-improved OpenGL display
-rendering of sources 'beneath the floor'
-improved shadows and transparency
-efficiency improvements

Known Issues:
-after bypassing the binaural-rendering module the listener position isn't updated correctly
-the filewatch feature is currently broken

Release Version : 0.77
Release Date : 17/04/2010

-added listener for binauralization
-added OpenGL based visualization of speaker-setup
-various bugfixes

Release Version : 0.21b
Release Date : 25/03/2010

-added FIR-HRTFs for binauralization
-default udp ports changed to 7071/7072
-miscellaneaous improvements

Release Version : 0.2b
Release Date : 17/12/2009

-improved overall stability and performance
-splashup screen during loading
-floating window option
-all settings can be changed now while dsp is running processing is switched off when bypassed
-jmod.sur.ambiManipulate~: processing is switched off when bypassed new 'manual' mode for setting speaker-gains
-jmod.sur.spatBinaural~: new binaural rendering Module using the HRTFs in spat4

Release Version : 0.1b
Release Date : 13/11/2009

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