Partiels is an application for the analysis of digital audio files intended for researchers in signal processing, musicologists, composers, and sound designers. It offers a dynamic and ergonomic interface in order to explore the content and the characteristics of sounds.

Analysis Analysis of sound Audiosculpt Host Partiels Plugins Pm2 Sound description Sound editor Sound visualisation SuperVP

Release notes

- Imp: Double-click on the loop bar should select between two markers if the magnetism is enabled (#205)
- Fix: Automatically resize not working when adding new tracks (#204)
- Fix: Invisible marker channels should not be used for magnetism (#203)
- Fix: Audio playback should use at minimum two channels even if the audio file layout is mono (#202)
- Fix: Block size and step size of plugins are not well supported if their default value is 0 (#201)
- Fix: Vertical zoom using the vertical mouse wheel and shift+control modifiers on groups is not working (#195)
- Add: Move the playhead forward/backward shortcuts and commands + improve the playhead rewind (#194)

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