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    Cao Programmation visuelle Software

    Visual programming environment for Computer Assisted Composition.

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    CAO Cao Composition

    OM# (om-sharp) is a computer-assisted composition environment derived from OpenMusic: a visual programming language dedicated to musical structure ...

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    OM Archives

    Archives Cao OpenMusic

    Old OpenMusic material

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    CAO Cao Intervall-series

    This is the AIS (All Interval Series) Library for Openmusic. By Paulo Henrique Raposo, 2021.

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    Musique Lab 2

    CAO Cao Education

    Conçu en étroite collaboration avec les professeurs d’éducation musicale, Musique Lab 2 est un environnement d’aide à la pédagogie musicale basé su...

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    Flow Synthetizer

    Ai CAO Cao

    Sound synthesizers are pervasive in music and they now even entirely define new music genres. However, their complexity and sets of parameters rend...

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    CRT – Composition in Real Time

    Cao Composition MaxMSP

    CRT provides a basic architecture and a set of simple modules for audio input/output, soundfile playback, delay, amplitude LFO, filters, frequency ...

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    audioguide CAO Cao

    AudioGuide is a standalone program for concatenative synthesis written in python. Interacting with the program is done via textfiles written in a s...


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