an ambisonic audio and weather data reactive visual installation that brings together free improv violin and live weather in London.

Presented by: Shruti Nagaraj

In the current age of environmental uncertainty, climate change and cultural flux, the exploration of weather patterns and musical improvisation serves as a reminder of human interconnectedness with the natural soundscape around us. By delving into this symbiotic relationship between spontaneous atmospheric phenomena and improvisational expression, I attempt to develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and human interaction. 

By the method of an immersive installation, this project captures and documents interaction within improvisation of a solo violin performance, through constraints of space and cyclical movements of the performer - Julia Brüssel.

Improvised contemporary jazz music is characterized by its spontaneity, and sudden shifts in energy. Both phenomena embrace unpredictability, making each event unique. This project aims to document the endless possibilities of improvisation in musical performances and tie the unpredictability and spontaneity of live improvisation to similarly inter-reactive and spontaneous weather parameters such as rain and wind.

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