Modalys 3.7 public release

Latest version of Modalys, Ircam's sound synthesis framework based on physical models

Modalys 3.7, our sound synthesis framework based on physical models, one of the oldest technologies developed at Ircam, was shown at Ircam Forum in March 2022, and was available as public beta. After weeks of finetuning, it is now more than time for the official release!

Modalys 3.7 is freely available for download.

Here are the highlights:

  • native support for Apple ARM M1 machines (“Silicon”)
  • automatic Max package installation (Mac and Windows)
  • many bug fixes, improved performances and new features (especially in lua/3D area).
  • extended support for LUA (mlys.lua object for Max)
  • improvements to Medit (3D mesh viewer)

With version 3.7, Modalys is entering a new era, and for the upcoming maintenance updates, we will focus on documentation, lua API completion (to make it equal if not superior to Lisp), and new examples with an emphasis on finite elements objects (3D).