The rr Max package - Jonathan Pitkin

A new set of composers' tools for generating gradually or randomly changing sequences of sounds using MIDI messages

Presented by : Jonathan PITKIN

rr is a new Max Package consisting of a small collection of patchers designed to facilitate the generation of sequences of MIDI notes and control change messages characterized by various degrees of randomization and/or by transitions between defined start and end states.

Its constituent objects may be used to:

  • quickly and flexibly generate accelerating or decelerating sequences ('ramps') of MIDI notes, alongside optional control change messages for concurrent gradual transitions from one parameter state to another
  • generate SEQUENCES of accelerating or decelerating ramps of MIDI note and control change messages, varying their characteristics at random within defined limits
  • continuously generate MIDI notes and optional control change messages at random, within defined limits, with options to 'lock' parameters to vary in proportion with one another

Here's a quick introduction/demonstration:

You can hear about the rr package at the 30th anniversary IRCAM Forum Workshops, on 21st March 2024. 

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