Workshop: Binaural development in Max/MSP - Marta Rossi

Hands-on workshop on binaural development in Max/MSP using IRCAM Spat5 library

Presented by : Marta Rossi


Binaural development in Max/MSP is a hands-on workshop on how to work with binaural format in Max/MSP using the IRCAM Spat5 library. The audience will learn how to set up binaural decoding for headphones in Max/MSP, how to encode sound sources in the 3D object-based ambisonics space, how to extract the sound sources' position and automate them, how to use 3D panning to create a dynamic panning, and how to use the Spat main reverb. The interactive workshop will be preceded by a brief technical explanation of ambisonics and binaural format, so the audience will have the theoretical tools to understand how they work in general and how they are used in Max/MSP. The audience will walk out with a working patch that can be applied to any project. 

This is a Spat5 beginner-friendly workshop, but Max/MSP previous knowledge is essential. The users will need their own laptop and headphones, either in-ear or over-ear. 

Before the workshop, if you don’t have them already, please download the 30-day full working Max/MSP free trial here - and the Spat library from the IRCAM Forum website - Spat is completely free but you will need to sign up and log in to download it. Max/MSP is installed through the installer, while the Spat folder needs to be copied into ../Documents/Max8/Packages on both MacOS and Windows. 

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