• Workshops  工作坊

José Miguel Fernandez will do a workshop on:

José Miguel Fernandez  将带来以下工作坊:

-The Antescofo programming language and the control of a Max/MSP patch (processing, synthesis, spatialization) 


-Gesture capture and different types of mappings for sound synthesis (RiOTs, Arduino, Kinect ...).

手势捕捉与不同类别的声音合成mappings手法(RiOTs, Arduino, Kinect ...

-AntesCollider, control library of SuperCollider from Antescofo and use of different algorithms for electroacoustic composition (examples of treatments, synthesis and spatialization)


  • Conferences  讲座

Marc Battier will present the Electroacoustic Music Studies Asia Network (EMSAN). This is an endeavour built as a network gathering researchers, computer music composers and designers and musicologists. Its main goal is to develop a database of musical works related to Asia.

Marc Battier 会呈现其创立的“电子音乐研究亚洲网络(EMSAN)”,这个网络汇集研究人员,计算机音乐作曲家,工程师和音乐学家。 其主要目标是建立一个与亚洲有关的音乐作品数据库。

Mikhail Mat will present the project Sheng and do a panorama of the use of audio descriptors  in mixed music and in musical analysis.

Mikhail Mat  将带来一个关于笙的作品,在混合电子音乐和音乐分析中使用音频描述手法的创作。

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