Toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, interactive sound synthesis and machine learning.

ISMM Max Movement analysis Real time Toolbox

Release notes

- new object mubu.gvf - Gesture Variation Follower

- added active attribute to enable/disable processing

- fixed filename arg in writetrack message
- saving in sdif file mubu tracks whitout sdif info generates an error message
- added message clearbuffers (clear all and leave one buffer with empty tracks)
- added @buffer attribute to writealltracks message
- added empty output to message gettracks when mubu has no tracks
- fixed readappend message with json files
- added options startchannel/numchannels/startframe/numframe in writetrack for audio tracks
- fixed import of mubu files with buffer names
- fixed export of mubu buffer name/info with redall in .mubu format
- added messages todict/fromdict (mubu serialisation in a dict/ mubu build from dict content)

- fixed wrong display in Windows with high dpi scaling
- fixed crash changing mubu container reference

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