Toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, interactive sound synthesis and machine learning.

ISMM team Max Movement analysis Real time Toolbox

Release notes

mubu.granular~, mubu.concat~:
- added @mute flag, which suppresses grain rendering and output, but leaves periodic play running
- added console warning when audio track are resampled on the fly

- output "selected" message with number of segments in selection

- Scatterplot editor: added display of nearest markers to cursor position. Added following new attributes: view_nearestbufferindex, vie_nearestmarkerindex, cursor_nearest, cursor_nearestcolor.
- cursor: added cursor_circlefilled, cursor_circlefillcolor, cursor_circleedgecolor attributes
- setting autobounds off restore previously defined view bounds
- fixed resample changing trackId

- added documentation on how mubu objects adapt to the system sampling rate change (see Mubu-Overview, advanced tab)

- new beta (MacOS only) pipo.cqt module: calculate constant Q transform spectrum on audio input

- removed folder support from Mubu package (no longer useful)
- several other bug fixes

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