SKataRT is a MaxforLive device/instrument which brings together concatenative synthesis techniques from CataRT and synthesis techniques by mosaicing.

Analysis of sound Catart Concatenative synthesis Descriptors Ismm team Max MaxforLive Pds team Sound deconstruction Sound description Sound design Sound processing and manipulation Sound synthesis and treatment

Release notes

SKataRT v1.4.2 21.06.2021

Combined cross-platform release with Mac OS and Windows 64bit externals. Adding the SKataRT folder to the Max path is no longer necessary for finding the sound files in the example Live set.

SKataRT v1.4.1 10.06.2021

This release gives better visual feedback about the grains being played and the contents of the corpus, and improves many little inconsistencies in the interface and behaviour. It will also work on 64bit Windows systems for the first time.

- switch order of Beat and Fence modes in menu
- read folder is now recursively reading audio files from all subfolders
- add nearest-neighbour random selection visualisation
- fence, beatmove, loopmove modes now work consistently with random selection
- correct recall in beat mode with random radius
- show voice content summary in Analyze tab

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