• Project

    CoMo Elements

    Gesture Interaction Interactive real-time

    Mobile webapp to create collectively sound-movement interaction

  • Project

    Gesture & Sound

    Gesture Interaction ISMM team

    Software modules for gesture-sound interactions The VoiceFollower allows synchronisation of sound and visual processes with pre-recorded voice. T...

  • Project


    Gesture Gesture analysis Gesture sound interaction

    GIMLeT – Gestural Interaction Machine Learning Toolkit - A set of Max patches for gesture analysis, interactive machine learning, and gesture-sound...

  • Project

    BITalino R-IoT

    Gesture Hardware Movement

    The R-IoT module allows for sensing movement, processing and wireless transmission through WiFi. It is developed as an essential brick towards crea...

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    BITalino R-IoT

    Gesture Hardware Movement

    Le module R-IoT permet de mesure et de capturer le mouvement sans fil grâce à son WiFi intégré. Il a été développé comme un élément essentiel de l’...


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