Gestural interactions
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interactive music systems and synthesis, gesture capture systems and motion interfaces, gesture and sound modeling

Dance Gesture Gesture analysis

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    Ismm team Max Movement analysis

    Toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, interactive sound synthesis and machine learning.

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    CoMo Elements

    Gesture Interaction Interactive real-time

    Mobile webapp to create collectively sound-movement interaction

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    Gesture & Sound

    Gesture Interaction ISMM team

    Software modules for gesture-sound interactions The VoiceFollower allows synchronisation of sound and visual processes with pre-recorded voice. T...

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    Catart Descriptors Granular

    Corpus-based concatenative synthesis patches for Max based on the Mubu externals

  • This is a patches repository


    IDEA project: Conducting Gestures Dataset

    Movement data and patches for conducting following. Developed for the performance of the composition IDEA by Sampo Haapamäki. Computer Music Design...

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    Descriptors Expressive Max

    Modosc is a set of Max abstractions designed for computing motion descriptors from raw motion capture data in real time. The library contains metho...