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Certification max Composition assistée par ordinateur Formations professionnelles Intercation temps réel Logiciels Traitement du son

Save the date: The presentation of the new season will take place on Friday, September 17, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at IRCAM with a live broadcast on IRCAM's Youtube channel.

Public: Workers in the entertainement industry in the fields of film, music, dance, theater, and artists, authors, composers of computer music, teachers who work in the domain of electroacoustic music and computer-assisted music, scientists in computer music and sound engineering.

Members of Forum Premium will benefit from 40 to 60% off on all Ircam's training courses. 

Forum Members who subscribed to Forum Premium subscription benefits from sliding scale prices for the current season, depending on the number of courses purchased: 40% discount on the full price for the 1st course purchased, 50% on the 2nd course, 60% on the 3rd course and subsequent courses.

Preferential rates for students

Students receive a 50% discount on all training courses

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On which technologies should I be trained?

You work on real-time interactions, mixing sound environment, multimedia, virtual reality, etc.?

Max, Max for Live

Certification Max level 1 (session 1) , Max level 1(session 2) and Max level 2 

Certification recorded in the CNCP inventory (Max level 1) 

The technology     Training courses   Max World

Are you working on computer-aided composition


The technology     Training courses      OpenMusic World

Would you like to create virtual instruments and work on sound processing?


The technology    Training courses

Would you like to learn how to stretch and transpose sound on a graphical and reactive interface?

TS2 Transposition and Stretching

The technology     Training courses