IRCAM Forum was created in 1994 to allow the international community of musical and artistic research to have access to the technologies developed at IRCAM. 

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Thanks to the Forum, you have at your disposal all the technologies developed within IRCAM and their associated resources, free access to the different MaxMSP libraries, a space for discussion and exchange through the discussion forum. In three words, a network for experimentation, sharing and creation.

Computer Assisted Composition
Improvisation et generativity
Real-time languages

Voice processing
Sound design and processing

Musical Interfaces
          Gestural interactions
Instruments modelling


A few years have passed and the IRCAM Forum now counts more than 20,000 members around the world. Creators, teachers, researchers, performers, students and sound professionals, this network of practitioners meet on our collaborative platform and at our annual events in Paris and elsewhere. 




To better support the professionals and institutions in its network, the Ircam Forum has designed a personalized subscription based on the uses and needs of its subscribers.

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