Voice processing
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Voice analysis and segmentation, transformation and modification of vocal characteristics, manipulation and alteration of vocal identity, real-time voice multiplication, voice synthesis from text, sound synthesis of song from scores.

Anasyn team Real-time voice Signal processing

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    Analysis Analysis of sound Audiosculpt

    Partiels is an application for the analysis of digital audio files intended for researchers in signal processing, musicologists, composers, and sou...

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    Max ISiS

    Isis MaxMSP Score to sound

    Max ISiS is a Max GUI for ISiS singing synthesis software.

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    Gesture & Sound

    Gesture Interaction ISMM team

    Software modules for gesture-sound interactions The VoiceFollower allows synchronisation of sound and visual processes with pre-recorded voice. T...

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    OpenMusic connection with IRCAM SuperVP signal processing kernel

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    Melodic Scale

    Gamme M4l Max

    Melodic Scale is a Max For Live device that automatically modifies a melodic line in real time, by changing its scale, mode or temperament. In the ...

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    Virtual Choir

    Choir Max MaxforLive

    Virtual Choir is a Max for Live device, which creates a choir effect in real time, harmonizing the voice on different musical scales.

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    Vibra Voice

    MaxforLive Singing synthesis SuperVP

    Vibra Voice is a Max For Live device that adds and transforms the vibrato of a singing voice, in real time. In the studio or on the stage, Vibra Vo...

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    Compression temporelle Dilation Filtering

    Provides a visual and "sculptural" approach to sound manipulation

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    Real time Simulation Software

    FREE- Highly realistic simulation of vocal arousal with amplitude modulation. ANGUS (“Highway to yell”) is a real-time voice transformation to...

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    FREE- C.L.E.E.S.E. (Combinatorial Expressive Speech Engine) is a tool designed to generate an infinite number of natural-sounding, expressive vari...

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    Real-time Software Vocal emotion

    FREE- Real-time emotional voices with D.A.V.I.D. (Da Amazing Voice Inflection Device) DAVID is a free, real-time voice transformation tool able...

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    Ircamax collection Ircam forum devices M4l

    SuperVPSourceFilter and SuperVPCross are focused on performing stereo cross synthesis with the SuperVP™ engine.

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    Ai Dnn Ml

    Code for running monophonic pitch (F0) estimation using the fully-convolutional neural network models described in the publication : L. Ardaillo...

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    Commandline tools for audio-to-text alignment. ircamAlign currently only supports texts written in French language.

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    IRCAM Tools - Ircam Trax v3

    Ircam tools Real-time voice Transformer

    The Next Generation Voice and Sonic Processing Tools, three ingenious creative tools for manipulation and transformation of voices and of the spect...

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    SuperVP Trax

    Software Sound transformation Voice synthesis

    A novel approach to voice synthesis through gender and age sound transformations.

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    Utiliser MaxISiS pour composer un choeur virtuel

    Choir Isis Maxisis

    Published on 03/31/2020

    Dans cet article sont décrites quelques opérations menées pour générer des voix avec ISiS depuis Max, qui m'ont permis de fabriquer un choeur virtu...

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    Tutorial : Melodic Scale

    Technology Tutorials Voice

    Published on 11/12/2020

    New ! Forum Tutorials

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    Tutorial : Virtual Choir

    Tutorials Virtual choir

    Published on 12/03/2020

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