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    Antescofo language Programmation synchrone Software

    FREE- Antescofo is a real-time module for Max and PureData. It accepts a symbolic music score, and in real-time "listens" to a musician (via a mic...

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    Gesture & Sound

    Gesture Interaction ISMM

    Software modules for gesture-sound interactions The VoiceFollower allows synchronisation of sound and visual processes with pre-recorded voice. T...

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    Max Sound Box

    Analyse du son Interaction ISMM

    Real-time Interaction Modules for Max

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    Instruments virtuels Software

    Creating virtual instruments and sounds using physical descriptions

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    Improvisation Software

    The Virtual Improviser Max Agent

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    ISMM Max Movement analysis

    Toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, interactive sound synthesis and machine learning.

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    Max lib MaxMSP Orchestration

    Assisted orchestration can be thought as the process of searching for the best combinations of orchestral sounds to match a target sound under spec...

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    IRCAM Max lib MaxMSP

    Spat is a software suite for spatialization of sound signals in real-time intended for musical creation, postproduction, and live performances.

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    SuperVP for Max

    ISMM Max Vocodeur de phase

    Phase Vocodeur for Max