PanoLive Workshops - Jérôme LESUEUR

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 in Paris.

I would like to introduce you to my Max for Live device: [PanoLive]

This is an integration of Panoramix in Ableton Live. Panoramix is developed by the Spat team and in particular Thibaut Carpentier.... Panoramix won the CNRS Crystal Medal. It is a 3D audio system that I was able to integrate into Live. The automation allows, via a VST plugin: OSCar, to send the coordinates of a sound source attached to a track in Live (via OSC). You can therefore use automations as trajectory managers in a 3D volume.

PanoLiveControl is a client device that allows for automatic trajectory generation.

I recently added binaural monitoring via a gyro sensor, which allows the panning headset to be rotated, which allows VR. It can handle up to 32 stereo tracks and 64 speakers (or even better with WFS).

For the technologies, panoramix is a set of objects coming from Spat, the device being frozen it embeds the last version of the objects, so it doesn't need third party resources. OSC is used to manage the trajectories of the OSCar and the head tracker. The interface is quite intuitive and allows access to the panoramix console, OSC settings, viewer and EQ-Dyn independently. Some of the settings and defaults are from experimentation and feedback I've had.

PanoLiveControl generates automatic trajectories with a two-axis description system and mathematical curve presets.

The head tracker part consists of a conversion/driving application, the dialogue is done by OSC so that the tracking track can be slaved to the head movement. Two sensors are available on the market.

So there is a dynamic use with the trajectories. And a static use where the sources are placed in space and the movement is that of the sensor. The monitoring is in binaural which allows to hear the effects of the trajectories.

That's why the workshop takes place in studio 1 for the dynamic part. For the static aspect, I will share a headset with the sensor and a headphones, so you can test your own projects made with PanoLive.

The management of the Panoramix session parameters file is saved in PanoLive so that it does not have to be loaded for each Live session.

PanoLive is distributed with an example of a live set to explain the specific routing of live tracks.

Jérôme Lesueur