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Granular IRCAM ISMM team

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    Najo Modular Interface 2

    Max Pedagogy

    A simplified interface for Max beginners.

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    Forum Max Apps

    IRCAM Max Max lib

    FREE- Collections of Max6 patches that allow rapid use of IRCAM Forum audio technologies.

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    Descriptors Expressive Max

    Modosc is a set of Max abstractions designed for computing motion descriptors from raw motion capture data in real time. The library contains metho...

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    Catart Descriptors Granular

    Corpus-based concatenative synthesis patches for Max based on the Mubu externals

  • Project

    Trajectory Score Library

    Antescofo language Scripts Spat5

    An Antescofo Language Library converting mathematical parametric functions into curves controlling Spat sources' trajectories. The outcome of these...

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    Algorithmic Jitter Livecoding

    A minimal and human-readable language for the live coding of algorithmic electronic audiovisual performances.

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    Wave Terrain Synthesis

    Abstractions Audiovisual

    A package of abstractions for polar & cartesian wavetable lookup from a jit.matrix and wavetable generator with

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    Max ISiS

    Isis MaxMSP Score to sound

    Max ISiS is a Max GUI for ISiS singing synthesis software.

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    Ircam lexicon Pds team Sound description

    Speak is a tool that allows to create an interface presenting a sound lexicon based on a list of words. Each word is related to a sound feature exp...