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Following the voice in Theater

This article is about the application of VoiceFollower in theater. In the experimental context of "in-vivo" concentrating on new sonic technologies in theater, the VoiceFollower let the young Vieilleur Theater Company to develop automatic sequencing of their piece "Nous les Vagues" during live performance. After a brief introduction of the InVivo context, we will explain this implementation.

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This IRCAM Forum is an international meeting for the community of sound and music technologies experts.

Fragments of Extinction

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Fragments of Extinction: Explorative and Compositional Ambisonics Spaces for saving ecosystems
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team and the ZKM.

Augmented physicality and emotionality

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Augmented physicality and emotionality
In collaboration with the CREAM team-project and the Analysis of Musical Practices team

The nonlinear spring

2018.19 Artistic research residency

"The nonlinear spring"
In collaboration with the Sound Systems and Signals: Audio/Acoustics, InstruMents IRCAM-STMS Team and the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM).

AI Swing!

2018.19 Artistic Research Residency

AI Swing ! Analyse & Improvisation / Artificial Intelligence / Artwork & Interdisciplinarity
In collaboration with the Musical Representations IRCAM-STMS Team and the Analysis of Musical Practices IRCAM-STMS Team.

Perceptual strangeness in virtual reality

2018.19 Artistic Research Residency

"Perceptual strangeness in virtual reality"
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team


2018.19 Artistic Research Residency

In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team and the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT).

Composing spaces and perception / REVELO

2018.19 Artistic research residency

"Composing spaces and perception / REVELO"
In collaboration with the  Sound Music Movement Interaction IRCAM-STMS Team and the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien(ZKM).

Metaphonies - Interactive music and neurological prosody

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Metaphonies - Interactive music and neurological prosody
In collaboration with Béatrice Sauvageot, and the Musical Representations Team, the Sound Music Movement InteractionTeam and the Department of Education and Cultural Outreach.

Traces of Expressivity: high-level score of data-stream for interdisciplinary works

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Traces of Expressivity: high-level score of data-stream for interdisciplinary works
In collaboration with the Musical Representations Team and the Sound Music Movement Interaction Team.

Future Perfect: An immersive 3D audio visual performance and installation work

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Future Perfect: An immersive 3D audio visual performance and installation work
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team   and the Sound Music Movement Interaction Team at IRCAM-STMS and the ZKM.

Sculpturing space: Re/Synthesis of Complex Spatial 3D Sound Structures

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Sculpturing space: Re/Synthesis of Complex Spatial 3D Sound Structures
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team and the ZKM.

Urban land sound design – composing in(to) the existing

2018.19 Artistic research residency

Urban land sound design – composing in(to) the existing
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team and the Perception et Sound Design IRCAM-STMS Team.

A new Forum

Hello everyone,

Website terms and conditions

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Legal Notices

Forum Ircam (the "Company") owns and operates and all of its subdomains (the "Website"). Please review the following rules that govern your use of the Website. Your use of the Website constitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you (the "User") do not agree to them, do not use the Website.

The preliminary program for the IRCAM Forum Workshops is now available

Good News!

First official presentation of the MÉTA-INSTRUMENT N°4

On Saturday, January the 19th of 2019, at 5pm at [La NEF - Manufacture d'utopies] (metro Église de Pantin), Serge de Laubier and Jérémie Gaston-Raoul will reveal the secrets of the new instrument made in PUCE MUSE : the MÉTA-INSTRUMENT N°4.

Watch Edgar Hemery talk about Embodme "Compose music with mid-air gesture"

If you missed our Ircam Talk with Edgar Hemery , you can now watch the replay:

The Users Forum groups is working again!

Some problems to access to our discussions groups (Spat, Open Music, Linux Users...) ?

2 weeks left: Call for contributions: 2019 Forum Workshops

Hurry up!

Watch Adrien Lefèvre talk about the GRM-Player.

If you missed our Ircam Talk with Adrien Lefèvre, you can now watch the replay:

Cycling ’74 announces the release of Max 8

Panoramix 1.3.2 and Spat 5.0.7 are now available

New Najo Modular Interface version 2.4.1

Minor changes. Add the automatic copy of sound files coming from outside the project in the "sound" & "dtd" folder on PC.

OM 6.14 is now available

Artistic Research Residency - Laureates 2018

IRCAM's Artistic Research Residency Program offers artists of all disciplines the opportunity to collaborate with one or more IRCAM research teams as part of a residency that can be extended in a partner institution.

New student offer !


SAVE THE DATE: IRCAM Forum Workshops 2019

IRCAM Forum Workshops 2019 will take place on March 27,28 & 29 in Paris! More informations to come...

Florian Hecker at Ircam

Florian Hecker was an artist in residency at Ircam. He was laureate of the Program Artistic Research Residency 2016. His research domain is the Exploration of compositional use of sound synthesis from the statistical descriptors that are in the current view of sound texture perception and texture synthesis.
In collaboration with Analysis/Synthesis Team

New version Spat 5.0 right now !

Spat provides a powerful reverberation engine that can be applied to real and virtual auditory spaces. Try the new version Spat 5.0 right now !

Angus, Cleese and David new tools from Cream team

Dear Members,

Nouvelle version de NMI (2.4) pour Mac et PC

Cette nouvelle version apporte principalement la compatilibilté avec Windows 10. Elle corrige quelques bugs et ajoute quelques nouvelles fonctionalités...

New NMI release (2.4) for Mac & PC !

See the release notes to know the adds and changes in this new version.

Modalys 3.5.0 available!

We are happy to announce, ready for the Forum 2018, the release of  Modalys 3.5.0!

3 new tutorials for ADMix

Matthias Geier and Raphaël Foulon (EAC team) just released 3 screencast tutorials on ADMix covering the recording of static and dynamic scenes.

Kiwi: Towards an environment for realtime collaborative music creation

Alain Bonardi, Philippe Galleron, Éric Maestri, Jean Millot, Anne Sedes

(Université Paris 8)

Preliminary program of Forum Workshops online

The preliminary program of next Forum Ircam Workshops from 7th to 9th of March 2018 in Paris is online

Generative Notations

Generative Notations

David Kim-Boyle

David Kim-Boyle is a visiting composer/researcher from the University of Sydney. He will be talking about his work with real-time, generative notations with numerous examples from recent collaborations with Australian new music ensemble Decibel, Dutch sound-poet Jaap Blonk, and the Hamburg based TonArt Ensemble. The unique musical possibilities afforded by generative notation will be discussed and he will conclude the talk with discussion of the development of a new work for the ELISION ensemble, which is the focus of his research at IRCAM, featuring the use of responsive, three-dimensional notational schemas.

Forum Ircam Workshops Registrations opening

The program of Ircam Forum Workshops 7- 9 March 2018 will be online in few weeks.

Forum Christmas special discount

For Christmas the Forum Ircam offers a special discount of 10% valid on the individual premium subscription from today to January 10 with code Christmas2017. We wish you Happy Holidays!

Tae Hong Park Artistic Residency Program report


Tae Hong Park is a composer, music technologist, and bassist. His work focuses on composition of electro-acoustic and acoustic music, machine learning and computer-aided music analysis, research in multi-dimensional aspects of timbre, and audio digital signal processing. Dr. Park has presented his music at national and international conferences and festivals including Bourges, ICMC, MATA, SCIMF, and SEAMUS. Among the ensembles and performers that have played his work are the Brentano String Quartet, California E.A.R. Unit, Edward Carroll, Ensemble Surplus, Zoe Martlew, Nash Ensemble of London, and the Tarab Cello Ensemble. Professor Park is author of Introduction to Digital Signal Processing: Computer Musically Speaking (World Scientific, 2010). He is the Chief Editor of Journal SEAMUS, serves as Editiorial Consultant for Computer Music Journal, served as President of the International Computer Music Association (ICMA), and is Director of NYU Steinhardt's Composition program. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University.

Overview of the project


James Bean Report of the Artistic Research Residency

The project

James Bean, artist in residency in 2016-2017, shares his project "Denm (notation environnementale dynamic for the music)" carried out at IRCAM with the Musical Representations team.
dn-m (dynamic notation for music) with the  is an automated music notation software written for iOS tablet devices in the Swift language. dn-m is a performance-centric notation environment with many tools for performers built into the score. These tools, for both individual- and group-rehearsal contexts, enable a multi-dimensional understanding of the complex musics written today. This enhanced-dimensionality of understanding allows for more informed interpretations of the wide range of musics of our time, all while allowing the performers to make their own process increasingly efficient and purposeful.

Winners of the 3D Audio Production Competition

The IEM was hosting the first European competition in 3D audio productions for students (short 3DAP Competition) this year, a venture running as a part of  ICSA. An international jury judged the submissions and discussed them during the conference.

The three best contributions in each category have been presented in the György-Ligeti-Saal hall during the conference.
They received a free subscription to IRCAM Forum Premium, allowing free access to IRCAM technologies during a full year!

Forum twitter

Tweet with us, let us know what you're doing at this time, what is your next concert or artwork, we're going tweet it  !

This summer the EAC team published a new version of Spat and Panoramix

This summer the EAC team published a new version of Spat and Panoramix


Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 09.42.35

Modalys 3.4.4 released!

We are happy to announce today the release of the new version 3.4.4 of Modalys!

Report of the Forum Ircam Spring 2017

2017 Spring IRCAM Forum Workshops in Paris 

170 participants from 17 countries attended and shared their knowledge, practice and expertise

Tarek Atoui, Andrea Agostini, Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, Richard Albert Bretschneider, Tanguy Clerc, Violeta Cruz, Antonio D’Amato, Pawel Dziadur, Daniel Formo, Glen Hall, Jen Haugan, Chen Hongli, Pascal Joguet, Gintas Kraptavicius, Frederic Lebel, Matt Lewis, Derck Littel, Lia Mice, Lara Poe, Will Renel, Anna Ridler, Junhyeok Shin, Hugo Silva, Anna Terzaroli, Benoît Villemont, Cecilia Wee, David Zicarelli...

Bio speakers 


New Audiosculpt Tutorial are available online

Dear AudioSculpt ors,

New NMI release (2.3.1) !

This release corrects a bug in the "matrix4x4" module.

Call for Papers, Demos, Performances : International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling and Design (FARM)

The ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling and Design (FARM'17) gathers together people who are harnessing functional techniques in the pursuit of creativity and expression.

Windows release 2.18.2 of SuperVP for Max

- supervp.cross~: fixed crash changing transient preservation attribute
- supervp.sfplay~: first windows release
- all: fixed possible deadlock on editing or closing the patch when using audio from mubu and DSP is on

New MuBu release 1.9.2 (OSX and Windows)

A New MuBu and Co release for OS X and Windows is available here:

AudioSculpt Tutorial

Every 15 days we’ll publish one AudioSculpt Tutorial
The first one is online by now ! Enjoy!

The First Audiosculpt Tutorial online

Every 15 days we'll publish one AudioSculpt Tutorial

The first one is online by now ! Enjoy!

Tutorial n°1 - 30 March 2017

Tutorial n°2 - 10 April 2017


Tutorial n°3 - 24 April 2017

Tutoriel n°4 - 10 May 2017

Tutoriel n°5 : 29 May 2017

Tutoriel n°6 - 12 June 2017 


Tutorial n°7 - 27 June 2017

Tutorial n°8 - 28 August 2017


Tutorial n°9 - 5 September 2017


OM 6.12 available (Mac, Windows and Linux)


Panoramix released


We are happy to announce the first release of panoramix.

Derived from the Spat engine, panoramix is a new workstation for the mixing, post-production and diffusion of spatial audio.

It runs as a standalone application on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Please have a look at the quick start manual.

Also, please post your questions, comments, feedback in the Spat discussion group:

Panoramix will be presented in more details during this week's Forum Workshops.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

New release of NMI (2.3) for Max 7 !

A new release of Najo Modular Interface (v2.3) for Max 7 is available !

CataRT standalone 1.6 released

These are the new features:

We look for a Web developer for the Forum Ircam

We look for a web developer for the Forum Ircam.

Le programme préliminaire des prochains Ateliers du Forum en ligne

Preliminary Program of next Forum Workshop is online

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter
to discover more on new technologies and sound innovation!


Registration IRCAM Forum Workshops

Don't miss the next IRCAM Forum Workshops in Paris, from 15 to 17 March 2017!

essai photo forum

Register here


Registration counts as a guaranteed access to all lectures, meetings, lunch, etc. during the three days.
You will also benefit from free access to all exhibitions of Centre Pompidou and a special price for the concert Ircam Live, March 18, 8:30 p.m. and the the play "Le sec et l'Humide" on March 15 & 16, 8:30 p.m. at Centre Pompidou.


Submit your proposals for our next Ircam Forum Workshops in Paris!

New release 2.18.2 of SuperVP for Max

Release 2.18.2 (11/2016)
- supervp.cross~: fixed crash changing transient preservation attribute
- supervp.sfplay~: fixed possible livelock on audio file buffer underflow
- all: fixed possible deadlock on editing or closing the patch when using audio from mubu and DSP is on

OPEN CALL college degree « Arts & Technologies » – Maintenant Festival 2017

The Electroni[k] organisation launches a call for projects to students for the 2017 edition of the Maintenant festival that will take place in October 2017 in Rennes ; it consists in an installation and a performance evolving around the theme « Arts & Technologies ».

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Residency for Contemporary Music and Electronics

The aim of the residency is to bring expert practitioners and practising sound artists, composers and performers from varied backgrounds together to create and experience new work in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Internships for the ATIAM Master’s Program Students

It is time to offer the students of the ATIAM Master's Program (UPMC-Ircam-Télécom ParisTech) a 5 to 6 month internship starting from early February.

Modalys 3.4.3

We are happy to release the new version 3.4.3 of Modalys!

New ToscA release

A new release of the ToscA is (freely) available in the download section:

New release of SuperVP for Max

Release notes for v2.18.1 2016-08:
- fix long init times when DAC is switched on
- resampling: supervp.scrub~ and adapt to sampling rate differences between buffer and Max
- mubu audio access: supervp.scrub~ and can read audio from a mubu track
- envelope warping: supervp.trans~ can apply a frequency warping function to the envelope
- fixed supervp.sfplay~

New MuBu 1.9.0 release (OS X and Windows)

A New MuBuForMax release for OS X and Windows is available here:

New Head of the Research and Creation Interfaces Team

After 4 years at the head of the Forum team, Arshia Cont has moved on to discover new horizons. Of course, Arshia will remain an active member of the community and will carry on with the support and development of Antescofo, one of IRCAM’s top-selling software programs. The IRCAM Forum welcomes its new head: Greg Beller, artist, researcher and former computer music designer at IRCAM.

AudioSculpt 3.4.4 released

The new version of AudioSculpt is available here:

AudioSculpt 3.4.3 released

The new version of AudioSculpt is available here for download:

A new Spat version is ready for download (OSX and Windows)

Dear all,
A new Spat version is ready for download (OSX and Windows).

New Mubu 1.8.12 release (OS X and Windows)

A New MuBu and Co release for OS X and Windows is available here:

Ircam Research and Development panorama

You can download Ircam Research and Development panorama here 

The Ircam Forums around the world

Why should we wait in our warm studios and labs?

Since it's inception, the Forum has organized workshops at IRCAM. For the past two years, it has also held workshops in other locations, invited by universities, research and art centers worldwide.
_a@Instituto de Artes Mauricio Kagel, UNSAM

We are taking researches and developments pieces, few creation examples made by technologies, a decade of experience in teaching and… a small piece of "extravagance" and boum we are going out the walls!

The Forums at Ircam and beyond (Hors les murs) reflect a connection between France and important international places by creating an unique musical synergy. Besides, the Forum is facilitated by a transmission dimension and mutual exchanges. But beyond these aspects, what are the main objectives?

IRCAMAX vol 2 Released


SMAQRA: the emergence of hybrid string quartet


The origins of SMAQRA are to be found in the various results on my personal work on sonic explorations. This will include the integration of cultural elements and the deformation of causal listening. The identification and fuzziness of sound sources, from the hybridization characteristics of the instruments from Latin America and Western culture (gestures, stamps, space, etc ...) constitute a key element of my creative work. Furthermore, the development of new composition technologies related to the development of new instruments capable of transmuting their sound and create sound ambiguities is another important component of my work.

SuperVPForMax OSX and Windows

New SuperVP for Max release for OS X and Windows  is available here:

AudioSculpt 3.4.0 available

The new version of AudioSculpt, 3.4.0, is now available :

New Mubu 1.8.10 release (OS X and Windows)

New version of MuBu and Co release for OS X and Windows is available here:

CataRT standalone app v1.5.0 released

The CataRT standalone application reaches a new milestone v1.5.0 with these major additions:

  • TUIO input for multi-touch play (in bow or fence mode), e.g. from iPad

  • corpus editing:

    • disable selected unit, units in radius, soundfile, then delete them permanently (deletion will be saved with corpus)

    • distribute units uniformly in 2D display (may take a few seconds for large corpora, will be saved as new DistX/DistY descriptors)

  • bigger 2D display

  • updated documentation in pdf and at

Antescofo 0.9 Major Release

A new release of Antescofo for Max and PureData (OSX and Linux) is now available for download.

Follow us on twitter now @ircamforum

Follow us on twitter now @ircamforum

Modalys 3.4.2 released

We are happy to release the new version 3.4.2 of Modalys!

Forum software CataRT, Mubu, FTM&Co live in concert!

Three electro-acoustic instrumentists meet for a one-time encouter at cozy Tiasci with its delicious indian-inspired buffet and fabulous Ti-Punchs.
Featuring Hans Leeuw‘s Guthman-award-winning Electrumpet, acclaimed guitarist Giani Caserotto, and CataRT developer and virtuoso Diemo Schwarz.

Call : Be the Future of Sound

Be the future of sound

Cet appel à idées innovantes est organisé par la SATT Lutech sur le thème du son. L’objectif est de favoriser la rencontre entre des chercheurs, des étudiants et des professionnels  d’un même secteur et de faire émerger des innovations. Le 19 novembre aura lieu une pitch-session puis en deux jours, les 4 et 5 décembre 2015, des équipes aux profils pluridisciplinaires devront apporter la preuve d’une innovation dans le monde du son.

New Mubu 1.8.9 OS X release

a new MuBu and Co release for OS X  is available here:

Call for proposals : Artistic Residency Program 2017

Featuring IRCAM Residency & Joint ZKM / IRCAM Residency Tracks

3-6 months, during the 2017 year.


Ircam Training Courses in 2015-16

IRCAM offers a range of training modules tailored from beginner to expert levels, providing participants with the opportunity to discover the music software developed by IRCAM and perfect their skills. The IRCAM Forum distributes these software programs. These courses are divided into three domains: real-time interaction (Max, Antescofo, Max for Live, Jitter), sound processing (AudioSculpt, Modalys), and computer-assisted composition (OpenMusic). Specialized instructors and IRCAM researchers teach all courses.

New Courses for 2015:


Introduction to Computer Music (November 6-7 2015)

An introduction to computer music with no prerequisite knowledge. Learn the basics necessary to understand the different types of musical applications offered.


Sound Spatialization (February 11-13 2016)

Learn the foundations of space perception and different sound spatialization techniques.


Motion Capture - Analyse Movement and Create Sound Identity (March 10-12 2016)

An overview of the technologies used today for motion capture and its use in Max.


Sound Design - Define and Design a Sound Identity (March 10-13 2016)

Discover the domain of sound design, the scientific processes and the technological tools that are used through the creation of a sound identity.


Max Project (May 9-14 2016)

Develop your personal project in Max with IRCAM instructors.

More information

Special Prices for IRCAM Forum Members 

Forum members with a Premium membership are eligible for special prices depending on the number of courses selected. For the 1st course selected members pay 60% of the full fee, 50% of the full fee for the 2nd course, 40% of the full fee for the 3rd and all additional courses.

New MuBu 1.8.7 OS X release

a new MuBu and Co release for OS X  is available here:

The Ircam Forum events worldwide

We are very proud to announce our events of this autumn:

Forum Ircam in Buenos Aires in UNSAM University 

Forum Ircam in Sao Paulo in UNESP University 

Forum Ircam in Paris 

You are welcome to join us, to present your projects and developments, to meet the community, to discover new technology  for sound and music!

See you soon!

MaxSoundBox for Windows Update

The BETA release for Windows contains now also ircamdescriptor~ object.

MaxSoundBox for Windows

The first BETA release for Windows platform is available from there:

Call for Contributions Forum Ircam Workshop Sao Paulo 2015

Your Forum Ircam Workshop will be Hors les Murs São Paulo, Brazil  4-6 November 2015 !

Call for Contribution and Early Registrations Opening.

New MuBu 1.8.6 release

a new MuBu and Co release for OS X and Windows  is available here:

Spat 4.7.7

Spat v4.7.7 is now available.
Please note that Max 5 is no longer supported and that Mac OS 10.7 (or higher) is required.

New 1.8.4 MuBu release

a new MuBu and Co release for OS X  is available here:

Laureates of Artistic Research Residency at Ircam 2016

We are proud to announce the laureates of the Call for Artistic Research Residency IRCAM
for 2016 residencies at IRCAM


AudioSculpt 3.3.8 available

The new version of AudioSculpt, 3.3.8, is now available :

Forum Workshop Video

Have you missed, the last Forum Wokshop?  You can now see few conferences videos here

New ToscA release

A new ToscA release is available here :

ENTROPIA : Towards Immersive Electronic Performance and Sound Architecture in Real-time


Stockhausen said in the 50's :

"You could say that in the future, music will become space. I think that sound motion in space will be as important as melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre ".

Antescofo 0.8 Available for Max and Pd

A new version of Antescofo and AscoGraph is available for Max (OSX) and PureData (OSX, Linux):

AudioSculpt 3.3.4 released

AudioSculpt 3.3.4 is now available.

ToscA plugin released

We are glad to release a new (free) software plugin called ToscA.

Spat 4.7.6

A new Spat release is available.

Orchids first release

The first release of Orchids, Ircam's Automatic Assisted Orchestration, is now available on the Forum ! For those of you who come to the Forum Workshops at IRCAM, remember that there is a special presentation on Wednesday 19/11/2014 at 11:30am and a hands-on Friday at 11am … Enjoy :)

Major Antescofo Release and New Composer Tutorial

The MuTant Research Team is proud to announce the release Antescofo version 0.6 for Max and PureData:

NMI V2.2 released !

A new version of NMI (2.2) is available here!

MuBuForMax 1.8.3 OSX

Hi all, a new release 1.8.3 OSX of MubuForMax is ready for download.

New 11-2014 release of Gesture&Sound

A new OS X Gesture&Sound package release is ready for download.

CataRT standalone app v1.4.2 released

new functions:
- choose bit depth and file type for recording
- reactivate wav/aiff marker import for segmentation
- release memory when corpus cleared

MuBuForMax 1.8.3 Windows

MubuForMax 1.8.3 Windows is ready for download.

Tribute to David Wessel

A major figure in the field of computer music, the American psychologist, mathematician and musician was one of IRCAM’s pioneers.

Registration Forum Ircam Workshop

Don't miss next Forum Ircam Workshop in Paris from 19 to 21 of November

Early registration until October 15 ! 

Informations, program

Application for Manifeste Academy deadline

You can now apply for the ManiFeste-2015 (June 8 — July 2) Academy!
Application Deadline: October 30, 2014
Find the full program online here
Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested.

AudioSculpt 3.2.9 available !

The new version of AudioSculpt, 3.2.9 is available :

IRCAMAX collection 1 distributed by Ableton

<i>Five Out of Six</i> by Christopher Trapani wins ICMC 2014 Best Piece Award

The piece Five Out of Six by Christopher Trapani for small ensemble and electronics won the the ICMC 2014 Best Piece Award (Americas).

IRCAM Lab TS official release

IL 2

Today we are very proud to announce the availability of the official release of “TS” (v1.0 for Mac OS X)

“TS” is our first application launched under the brand name “IRCAM Lab”

We have partnered with our friends at and have decided together to launch “TS” at the INTRODUCTORY price of ONLY $99.

A fully functional 15 day demo version is available from our official distributor’s website.

To take advantage of this offer to members, simply follow this link . An official IRCAM Lab forum has also been created at DontCrack for you to post

pre sales questions, testimonials, user feedback, bug reports, etc…..

We hope that IRCAM Lab TS will bring you all the satisfaction that one can expect from a modern Time Stretch utility and that it will inspire your creativity

to new heights…

Spat~ 4.7.5

A new Spat release is available.

Ircam Live Call for works /performances

Call for works/performances for Ircam Live 2014 event

Deadline : September 15th 2014
Applications only online Here


Antescofo v0.54 Released

Modalys 3.4.1 released!

We are happy to release the 3.4.1 maintenance release of Modalys.

MuBuForMax 1.8.1 OSX and Windows (32/64 bits)

Hi all,

NMI V2.1 available !

A new release of NMI (renamed Najo Modular Interface) is available here !

Call for IRCAM Artistic Residency Program

The 6th call for IRCAM Artistic Residency Program is now online at the following URL :

Feel free to distribute to artists.

AudioSculpt 3.2.7 released

A new version of AudioSculpt is available in the download page.

Spat~ 4.7.2

A new Spat release is available.

CataRT standalone version 1.4.1 released

- new Forum protection 2014
- ability to work with stereo soundfiles (the pan parameter then has no effect anymore)
- OSC control: OSC messages of the form /corpus1/<parameter> <value> will be dispatched to the parameter
- custom application Icon
- fix Mikhail Malt's bug when SDIF marker file was selected with bang instead of drag&drop

Alarm/will/sound: A Multidisciplinary Research and Installation Project

Car alarms. They're loud, they're annoying, and frankly, no one even listens to them.

Modalys 3.4 released!

We are happy to release this brand new version of Modalys which features:

Spat~ 4.7.1

A new Spat release is available.

First Asian Forum Workshop

Forum Ircam and CREAMA are proud to announce the first International Edition of Ircam Forum Workshops to be held in Seoul, South Korea from April 29th to May 1st 2014.

Register Now! 

Preliminary program

More information here

AudioSculpt 3.2.5 Released

AudioSculpt 3.2.5 is available here.

ForumMaxApps version 1.1

A new version of Forum Max Apps is available for free download :

Antescofo and AscoGraph Major Release 0.52

A new major release of Antescofo including its new visual editor AscoGraph is now available on Forumnet for Max (FAT and 32bits, Mac) and PureData (Mac, Linux).

AudioSculpt 3.2.4 available !

The new version of AudioSculpt is available here :

Spat 4.6.9

A new Spat release (v4.6.9) is available.

MaxSoundBox and SuperVP 64-bit objects now available

New releases of MaxSoundBox and SuperVP for Max objects including 64-bit objects for Max 6.1+ are now available for download.

Spat 4.6.8

20th Forum Workshop Openning

We are proud to open the 20th Ircam Forum Workshop today with more than 170 participants and until Friday November 22nd. Those not being able to attend can follow the seminars in the Stravinsky hall through Streaming.

Forum at 20

Interview with Vincent Puig, Ircam Forum co-founder, and Arshia Cont, current director.

The origins of Ircam Forum at its 20th Anniversary and Perspectives

Gathered by Paola Palumbo

Ircam Forum was founded in 1993 by Andrew Gerzso and Vincent Puig.

Value Added Tax on Forumnet starting December

Due to new French and EU regulations, all transactions on Forumnet should include a Value Added Tax (19.6%) - from which we have been exempted up to now - for all purchases within EU, starting December 2013. The VAT will pass to 20% starting January 1st 2014.

JIM2014 - Call for papers

The next edition of the “Journées d'Informatique Musicale“ (JIM) will be held on May 21 2014 - May 23, 2014 in Bourges (France) during the Art & Science Days. This event is organised by MusInfo in colaboration with l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges and l'Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Bourges. You will find attached the call for papers. Thank you in advance for forwarding this message to whoever may be interested.

More information on:à_communications

Ircam Live Call Winners

We are proud to announce results of

Ircam Live Call for Performance :

Guillaume Loizillon

Oneohtrix Point Never @ IRCAM LIVE 2013

We are proud to announce the featured artist for the second edition of Ircam Live at La Gaîté lyrique as Oneohtrix Point Never

For the second edition of Ircam Liveheld on November 21st as part of Ircam Forum 2013 Workshops, Ircam has joined forced with La Gaité Lyrique and Warp Records to present the New York artist Oneohtrix Point Never, who has proven as a forerunner of new technologies on the electronic music scene. OPN will be featured in the second half of the show, following selected artists out of the Ircam Live call for performances (results to be announce mid-October).

New MaxSoundBox release 2013-09

This release contains an updated ircamdescriptor~  v0.8.5 with the following improvements:
- add dynamic WindowSize and HopSize messages and attributes
- fixes crash with HarmonicTristimulus
- make ChromaRange an attribute/parameter

Forum Workshop 2013

Save the date ! Forum Ircam Birthday. 

This Year the Forum Ircam has Twenty years old!

We are planning a big event to celebrate this successful international collaboration.

Next Forum Workshops will be in Paris from 20 to 22 of November 2013.

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 November : Max Developer Workshop. Only on registration (limited space!) Max developers are welcome for a total immersion on Max environment with developers from Cycling 74.

Diphone Studio 4.2J Released

A new version of Diphone Studio is now available for download for Forum members. It contains several bug fixes and stability issues reported by Forumnet members:

AudioSculpt 3.1.9 Released

A new version (3.1.9) of AudioSculpt is now available for download.

MuBu for Max 1.6.7

a new MuBu for Max release is available here:

Modalys 3.3.1 now released!

We are happy to release the new version of Modalys which features:

AudioSculpt 3.1.8 available

The new version 3.1.8 of AudioSculpt is available here :

Spat~ 4.6.2

Qwartz 2013 Award - Experimentation Category

In partnership with IRCAM the

Qwartz 9th Ceremony took place last 4 of April in Paris at La Machine du Moulin Rouge. 

Qwartz Experimentation GRM/IRCAM 2013  Award was attributed at 

Junya Oikawa  and OVAL ( Markus Popp) in the Experimentation Category 

Prix Qwartz 2013 - catégorie Experimentation

Hans Leeuw’s Electrumpet wins Guthman Award

Forum member Hans Leeuw's hybrid acoustic/hardware/software instrument, the Electrumpet, has won this year's Guthman competition for new musical instruments!


We will be at Musikmesse from April 10th to 13th ... we can meet around COPERLAN booth ......

New Spat~ Release

A new Spat release is available. The release comes in two flavors described bellow.

AudioSculpt 3.1.7 is available !


The Modalys Documentation has arrived!

Habemus Modalysis documenta!

Ircamax for Live 9.0 and Max 6.1 32-bit

Partnership with Qwartz

Ircam Forum becomes the official partner of the 9th edition of Qwartz Prize.

AudioSculpt 3.1.5 Available

The new version of AudioSculpt, AS 3.1.5 is available here:

2012 Workshop Videos online

Video recordings of several 2012 Forum Workshops, along performances by laureates of the first call for performance Ircam Live @ Gaité Lyrique are now online.

Speaking with hands, Luna Park

«Luna Park» is a musical theater piece of about one hour, composed by Georges Aperghis, set design by Daniel Levy, and whose computer music design has been realized by Grégory Beller. The piece, on its use of technology at different levels, uses concatenative synthesis paradigms both in its formal design and deployed processes. Thanks to live computer processes, concatenative synthesis and prosodic transformations of voice are manipuled, and controlled by gesture data incoming from accelerometer sensors made specifically for the piece. The world premier of "Luna Park" took place in Paris, at IRCAM's Espace de Projection, on June 10th 2011 and during the 2011 edition of Ircam's Agora Festival. The four performers of this premier were Eva Furrer (on flute, Octabase and voice), Johanne Saunier (voice and danse), Mike Schmidt (base flute and voice), and Richard Dubelsky (air percussion and voice).

AudioSculpt 3.1.4 released !

The last version of AudioSculpt is available here !
This version contains important corrections (see releases notes) !

CataRT standalone version 1.3.1 released

fixes authorization for individual subscribers

Modalys released!

The latest version of Modalys has just been released for Forum members! is a maintenance release which fixes the following:
- Authorization under Mac OS 10.5
- mlys.felt object (Max environment)

AudioSculpt 3.1.3 Released

New AudioSculpt version 3.1.3 released !

Antescofo Max Tutorial

A new version of Antescofo along with comprehensive and step-by-step Max Tutorial is now available.

New version of Forum Max Apps is now available.

A new version of Forum Max Apps is available (free download)

Ircam Forum Workshop Opening Day

Ircam Forum Workshops 2012 Day 2

Ircam Forum Workshop Planning for November 29th 2012 at IRCAM

Ircam Forum Workshops 2012 DAY 3

Modalys 3.3.0 released!

The latest version of Modalys has just been released for Forum members!

Welcome to Forumnet 2.0

Ircam Forum, our unique historical venue for exchange between researchers and artists has been renewed as of today, to better reflect our community. With this new platform, Ircam Forum aims at living throughout the year by accelerating contact between Ircam community and artists worldwide, and by providing access to our latest features all year through.

Piloting a microtonal organ with OpenMusic

FORTY-NINE, FORTY-NINE (2011) for Fokker Organ

Quartett, the Opera

Participating in the creation of an opera is a challenging experience for computer musicians, or atleast was the case for me. The computer music design of a lyrical piece (compared to mixed instrumental pieces with live electronics) represents particularities such as strong constraints on means of diffusion and timing.

OpenMusic 6.6

OpenMusic 6.6 is now available on Ircam Forum.

Making an orchestra speak

 “Speakings” is a piece for live electronics and large orchestra composed by Jonathan Harvey in 2008 and in collaboration with computer musicians Gilbert Nouno and Arshia Cont. The world premiere occured in August 2008 in Royal Albert Hall of London by BBC Scotish Orchestra. The composition was awarded the Prince Pierre of Monaco Prize in Musical Composition in 2009. A recording by BBC Scottish Symphony is available on Outhere Records. And a paper published in the 2009 Sound & Music Computing conference on the making of the piece was awarded the best paper.