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This collection lists old projects, not maintained and not supported. Some no longer install on recent OS.

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    Musique Lab 2

    CAO Cao Education

    Conçu en étroite collaboration avec les professeurs d’éducation musicale, Musique Lab 2 est un environnement d’aide à la pédagogie musicale basé su...

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    Audio Decoding Multichannel

    The "Multiplayer" is a standalone application for processing/decoding/diffusion of multichannel audio files in various formats.

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    Legacy Microtonal-music Midi

    Micro-tonal player made by Benoit Meudic

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    Addan Diphone Legacy

    In speech, a diphone is defined as a transition between two phonemes. In a musical context, this could be taken to mean not only a transition betwe...

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    Analysis Legacy Max

    Real-time Multiple-Pitch Transcription

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    ISMM team Legacy Max

    Extended real-time object system for Max/MSP. The development of this software stopped a few years ago. Its inheritor is MuBu For Max.