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    Analysis Analysis of sound Audiosculpt

    Partiels is an application for the analysis of digital audio files intended for researchers in signal processing, musicologists, composers, and sou...

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    Vibra Voice

    MaxforLive Singing synthesis SuperVP

    Vibra Voice is a Max For Live device that adds and transforms the vibrato of a singing voice, in real time. In the studio or on the stage, Vibra Vo...

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    Melodic Scale

    Gamme M4l Max

    Melodic Scale is a Max For Live device that automatically modifies a melodic line in real time, by changing its scale, mode or temperament. In the ...

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    Audiosculpt Sound editor SuperVP

    ircamLAB RELEASE TS2 AUDIO EDITING / TIME STRETCH APPLICATION A software that no one has built before. ircamLAB proudly announce the release ...

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    Electroacoustic music analysis Multimedia tools SuperVP

    Sound-Based Music Analysis incorporating SuperVP.


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