Focus on the IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 Edition on Spatialization AR/VR

Summary of the IRCAM Forum Workshops held from March 29 to 31, 2023

A few weeks have passed since the end of the 2023 IRCAM Forum Workshops, the team is just recovering from all these emotions.

We have hosted quality presentations, speakers from Europe (Hervé Dejardin, Nicolas Henchoz) and the United States (Jean Marc Jot), interactive installations and XR technologies that question acoustics.

More than 300 participants coming from 11 countries during the three days of the event.

Here is a video recap of the event:

A momentum to exchange and share the latest news on music and sound with a focus on 3D sound.

This year the Forum also hosted a focus on Taiwanese creation with the co-production of The Insomnia Sketchbook in IRCAM's concert hall, finally restored after 8 years of renovation. Installations by artists Baboo LiaoFujui Wang and SU Wen-Chi  were presented in Studio 1 as well as the new C-LAB Future Vision Lab (FVL) project, the immersive dome of C-LAB by Warrick Tsai, head of R&D and planning of the C-LAB Technology Media Platform.

The composer and electroacoustician David Monacchi and the producer and artist Landia Egal drew attention to the theme of environmental issues through different projects, one with Fragments of Extinction, a three-dimensional soundscape of the tropical forests of Borneo, the other with the denociation of the impact of XR creation on the environment.

Several technologies from Ircam's laboratories and its partners were presented, including Spat, ASAP, OpenMusic, the Dafne+ platform, and the brand new Spat Device distributed by Ableton, which will soon be available to premium members of the Forum at a special price. But also Spat Revolution by Flux, and Max by Cycling'74.

Several organizations and institutions, friends and partners joined the event:

Alea, Radio France, Flux, Vrtuoz, Amadeus, NewImage Festival, Royal College of Arts, Cycling'74, C-Lab, l'EPFL,..

The members of the Forum were as always faithful and passionate. Amongst others, the work of American artists Bill and Theresa Parod who presented Crossroads AR around painting and AR, Anders Vinjar who proposed the result of his residency at Ircam with "ᚺᛟᛁᚱ - HEYR - HEAR - HERE" where art meets journalism and the installation of Spanish collective Acoustic Heritage.

Performances were proposed by the American composer Rama Gottfried in Scenes for Platisphere and by the Italian collective COVO with the creation of a multiplayer online club. We also mention the work presented by Dudu Tsuda around the creation during the pandemic or the sound work of the Danish composer Yann Coppier, 24h in the life of a family.

Several workshops took place around PSAT and its libraries such as Elliptique proposed by our researchers Benoit Alary and Etienne Demoulin, and Panolive (Panoramix in Live) proposed by Jerome Lesueur.

Plusieurs workshop ont eu lieu autour du SPAT et de ses librairies comme Elliptique proposé par nos chercheurs Benoit Alary et Etienne Demoulin, et Panolive ( Panoramix dans Live) proposé par Jerome Lesueur.

Participants were also able to preview the work in progress of the immersive piece Noire which is currently being presented at the Centre Pompidou on the little-known life of Claudette Colvin.

During these three days the Forum hosted 39 conferences, 17 installations and 6 workshops, as well as convivial moments of exchange and interaction, evening concerts and networking lunches.

The day before the workshops, a Meet the Forum including a panorama of technologies around spatialization and composition with OpenMusic was open to all and welcomed about 90 participants. (Watch the OpenMusic conference again)

With the Forum Workshops, the adventure continues every year with new artists and developers, with new demands and desires that push us to question ourselves in a friendly space of experimentation and innovation that is the Ircam Forum.

Mark your calendars because a meeting is being prepared for next year for an exceptional event. We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the IRCAM Forum from March 13 to 15, 2024!

Review the complete program and speakers of the Forum 2023 Workshops HERE

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