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    Forummaxapps Max Max8

    Update of Manuel Poletti's Forum Max Apps for Spat5 - Max8

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    CAO Cao Composition

    OM# (om-sharp) is a computer-assisted composition environment derived from OpenMusic: a visual programming language dedicated to musical structure ...

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    Audio 3d Max for live Panoramix

    PanoLive is an integration of Panoramix into Ableton Live 10.1 via Max for Live. Thanks to version 1.5.0 of panoramix in Spat 5.2.1 which enhanced...

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    Trajectory Score Library

    Antescofo language Scripts Spat5

    An Antescofo Language Library converting mathematical parametric functions into curves controlling Spat sources' trajectories. The outcome of these...

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    Descriptors Expressive Max

    Modosc is a set of Max abstractions designed for computing motion descriptors from raw motion capture data in real time. The library contains metho...

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    Compilers Dsp Pd

    Camomile is a plugin with Pure Data embedded that offers to load and to control patches inside a digital audio workstation. The plugin is available...

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    CRT – Composition in Real Time

    Cao Composition MaxMSP

    CRT provides a basic architecture and a set of simple modules for audio input/output, soundfile playback, delay, amplitude LFO, filters, frequency ...

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    Electroacoustic music analysis Multimedia tools SuperVP

    Sound-Based Music Analysis incorporating SuperVP.

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    CAO Cao Concatenative synthesis

    AudioGuide is a standalone program for concatenative synthesis written in python. Interacting with the program is done via textfiles written in a s...

  • Project

    November 2 Music Font

    Music font

    The ultimate music font for today's music. Exhaustive. Crafted with amazing care.

  • Project

    bach: Computer-aided composition in Max

    Computer-aided composition Max Real-time

    A Max library bringing computer-aided composition into the real-time world.

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    CAO Control Max

    For users of Max/MSP or PD, the most obvious benefit is the ability to label data with human readable text.

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    Cnmat Max Max externals

    A collection of Max tools created by researchers at CNMAT in Berkeley, CA

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    Compilers Dsp Signal processing

    Functional programming language for signal processing and sound synthesis

  • This is a patches repository



    Browser Max Node.js

    A Max/node.js based server/client system for drawing to web-browsers.

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    Max Max for live Notation

    MaxScore provides music notation in Max and Ableton Live via Max for live.

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    Spatialized additive (re)synthesizer

    Max8 Odot Real-time audio

    This project attempts to integrate both real-time additive resynthesis and spatialization in the time domain. Through Sigmund~ object, an input mon...

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    Max8 Orchestration Orchidea

    MyOrch is a Max wide public workspace and tutorial to better understand and use Orchidea package v.0.6 It exists also as a standalone application ...

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    Audio Network Peer to peer

    Soundjack is a realtime communication system providing any quality- and latency- relevant parameter to the user. Depending on the physical distance...

  • Project

    Client-server Comprovisation Network is a network multimedia performance environment invented and developed by composer and computer musician Georg Hajdu. It enables perfor...

  • Project


    Gesture Gesture analysis Gesture sound interaction

    GIMLeT – Gestural Interaction Machine Learning Toolkit - A set of Max patches for gesture analysis, interactive machine learning, and gesture-sound...

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    Audio 3d Max8 Panoramix

    Panoramix patcher works with SoundFlower with 64 tracks. Thanks to version 1.5.0 of panoramix in Spat 5.2.1 wh...

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    Algorithmic Audiovisual Audio-visual

    Visual programming for music, sound and video, used by artists to make art on the web.

  • This is a patches repository



    M4l MaxforLive MaxMSP

    Max projects for starting a Max for Live device. These blank projects were originally created for my Electronic Music & Sound Design course at S...

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    Algorithmic Jitter Livecoding

    A minimal and human-readable language for the live coding of algorithmic electronic audiovisual performances.

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    Wave Terrain Synthesis

    Abstractions Audiovisual

    A package of abstractions for polar & cartesian wavetable lookup from a jit.matrix and wavetable generator with