Program 03/31/2023 - IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 special edition AR/VR Spatialization

Detailed program for the third day of the IRCAM Forum Workshops, Friday March 31th 2023.

Friday, March 31st

The program is by location. It may still be subject to changes.

A buffet lunch is offered to the participants.

Stravinsky room - Conferences and presentations

10:00-10:30 ISMM team (IRCAM) - Presentation of the latest projects for Max: Mubu, CataRT, SkataRT, Gesture&Sound Toolkit.


11:15-11:45 Patrick Hartono - Gestural-Based Sound Spatialization & Synthesis Strategies in 3D Virtual Environment in Interactive Audiovisual Composition
11:45-12:15 Ruohong Chen - Go to the park 
12:15-12:45 Marta Rossi - Max/MSP Spat library, sensors, and Unreal Engine: a workflow for a real-time generative VR project


14:00-14:30 Dudu Tsuda - Media Specific Performance: the screen mediated production during the Pandemic
Yann Coppier - Family Life - recomposed

Umut Eldem - Shallow Steps - Spatial Cognitive Sonification of Generative Visuals


16:00-16:30 Patricia Alessandrini (online) - Ada's Song: Making machine-learning processes visible and tangible
16:30-17:00 Hans Kretz (online) - AI, networked performance and aesthetic judgment
17:00-17:30 Tiange Zhou (online) - The World of Freedom
17:30-18:00 Conclusions

Gallery - Installation

10:00-17:00 Bill Parod, Teresa Parod - Crossroads AR - Colorful Paintings and Spatial Music in Augmented Reality

Studio 1 - Workshops on Spatialization

(10 participants on registration)

Jérôme Lesueur - PanoLive Workshops 

Two sessions :


11:30-12:30 ( in French)


14:00-16:00 Thibaut Carpentier (IRCAM) - Hands-on on SPAT  

Two sessions:


16:00-17:20 Benoit Alary, Etienne Démoulin (IRCAM) - Elliptique: a new multichannel reverberator for SPAT

Three sessions:


Studio 5 - Demo

14:45-15:30 Simone ConfortiMikhail Malt, Emmanuel Flety - Flûte électronique conception et prototypage


16:00-16:45 Presentation of Flux:: Spat Revolution - Nicolas Erard, Jean-Loup Pecquais 
16:45-17:15  Presentation of Noire by Nicolas Becker and Novaya team

Studio 6 - Installation

14:00-17:00 Robert Lisek - APEIRON

Shannon room - Installation and workshop

10:30-12:30 Anran Yang - The Body of Cognitions

15:00-16:00 Ambar Tenorio Fornés (Fab City) - Workshop on DAFNE+, an European project for fair creative content distribution based on blockchains, NFTs and DAOs

Forum of the Centre Pompidou - Installation

Presentation of the work in progress of Noire by Novaya - Limited to 8 persons, on registration

Three sessions:


Espace de projection - Presentation

11:00-12:50 Andrea Cera, David Monacchi, LuxuryLogico, Clement Cerle, EAC Team

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