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  • This is a general repository


    Spat For Sat

    Ableton Immersive Jitter

    Spat for Sat is a new flexible tool based on Ircam Spat for Ableton live running on Jitter, the openGL visual environnement for maxmsp. Initiate ...

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    IRCAM Max lib MaxMSP

    Spat is a software suite for spatialization of sound signals in real-time intended for musical creation, postproduction, and live performances.

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    Max lib MaxMSP Orchestration

    Assisted orchestration can be thought as the process of searching for the best combinations of orchestral sounds to match a target sound under spec...

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    Max ISiS

    Isis MaxMSP Score to sound

    Max ISiS is a Max GUI for ISiS singing synthesis software.

  • This is a patches repository



    M4l MaxforLive MaxMSP

    Max projects for starting a Max for Live device. These blank projects were originally created for my Electronic Music & Sound Design course at S...

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    CRT – Composition in Real Time

    Cao Composition MaxMSP

    CRT provides a basic architecture and a set of simple modules for audio input/output, soundfile playback, delay, amplitude LFO, filters, frequency ...

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    Analysis of sound Catart Concatenative synthesis

    Corpus-based concatenative synthesis patches for Max based on the Mubu externals