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    ISMM team Max Movement analysis

    Toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, interactive sound synthesis and machine learning.

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    IRCAM Max lib MaxMSP

    Spat is a software suite for spatialization of sound signals in real-time intended for musical creation, postproduction, and live performances.

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    ISMM team Legacy Max

    Extended real-time object system for Max/MSP. The development of this software stopped a few years ago. Its inheritor is MuBu For Max.

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    CataRT Standalone

    Catart ISMM team Real time

    An innovative approach to sound synthesis based on multi-criteria representations of sound sample databases.

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    Real time Simulation Software

    FREE- Highly realistic simulation of vocal arousal with amplitude modulation. ANGUS (“Highway to yell”) is a real-time voice transformation to...

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    CRT – Composition in Real Time

    Cao Composition MaxMSP

    CRT provides a basic architecture and a set of simple modules for audio input/output, soundfile playback, delay, amplitude LFO, filters, frequency ...

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    Las Pintas - audiovisual residency blog

    Audio Audiovisual Fulldome

    Las Pintas is an audio/video live performance by José-Miguel Fernandez (composer) and Raphaël Foulon (video artist). During the course of our resid...



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