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    Wave Terrain Synthesis

    Abstractions Audiovisual

    A package of abstractions for polar & cartesian wavetable lookup from a jit.matrix and wavetable generator with

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    Flow Synthetizer

    Ai CAO Cao

    Sound synthesizers are pervasive in music and they now even entirely define new music genres. However, their complexity and sets of parameters rend...

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    Analysis of sound Ismm team Software

    The Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) is an established standard for the well-defined and extensible interchange of a variety of sound de...

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    Concatenative synthesis Max Max for live

    SkataRT is a Max for Live device which brings together concatenative synthesis techniques from Catart and synthesis techniques by mosaicing.

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    CAO Cao Concatenative synthesis

    AudioGuide is a standalone program for concatenative synthesis written in python. Interacting with the program is done via textfiles written in a s...

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    Addan Diphone Legacy

    In speech, a diphone is defined as a transition between two phonemes. In a musical context, this could be taken to mean not only a transition betwe...

  • This is a general repository



    Legacy Microtonal-music Midi

    Micro-tonal player made by Benoit Meudic

  • Project


    Catart Descriptors Granular

    Corpus-based concatenative synthesis patches for Max based on the Mubu externals

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    Max Sound Box

    Analyse du son Interaction ISMM

    Real-time Interaction Modules for Max


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