• Project

    MuBu Tutorials - Material

    Ismm team Max Mubu

    Patches and data for MuBu tutorials designed and presented by Matthew Ostrowski

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    Max8 Orchestration Orchidea

    MyOrch is a Max-wide public workspace and tutorial created to better understand and use the Orchidea v.0.6 package.

  • Project

    Ircam forum Template for Max4Live devices

    Howto M4l Max

    This template is dedicated to whom develop M4L devices distributed on the Ircam Forum. It recommends some best practices and gives a few examples.

  • This is a patches repository



    M4l MaxforLive MaxMSP

    Max projects for starting a Max for Live device. These blank projects were originally created for my Electronic Music & Sound Design course at S...

  • Project

    CRT – Composition in Real Time

    Cao Composition MaxMSP

    CRT provides a basic architecture and a set of simple modules for audio input/output, soundfile playback, delay, amplitude LFO, filters, frequency ...