Streaming of the conferences of the IRCAM Forum Workshops Paris 2020

IRCAM Forum Workshops Paris - March 4 to 6, 2020

All the Stravinsky room lectures have been recorded for you. We are pleased to share them with you.

Meet the Forum - March 3rd, 2020 

OpenMusic Presentation - Mikhail Malt

MuBu Presentation - Mikhail Malt

Modalys Presentation - Jean Lochard

TS2 Presentation - Jean Lochard

March 4th, 2020 

Welcome session and Forum news - Paola Palumbo, Greg Beller, Hugues Vinet

Ircam Amplify News - Nathalie Birocheau

TS2 Release - Frederick Rousseau

Spat News - Thibaut Carpentier, David Poirier-Quinot

S3AM Team News - Thomas Hélie, Robert Piechaud

Cycling '74 News - Emmanuel Jourdan

Musical practices and coding work presentation - Volker Böhm

Analysis and Synthesis Team News - Axel Roebel

Perception and Sound Design Team NewsNicolas Misdariis, Patrick Susini

Sound Music Movement Interaction Team News - Riccardo Borghesi, Manuel Poletti, Diemo Schwarz

Musical Representations Team News - Carlos Amado Agon, Jean-Louis Giavitto, Karim Haddad, Jérôme Nika

Composing for Smart Hand Computer? Algorithmic gesture music application - Jean Geoffroy, Christophe Lebreton

March 5th, 2020

Immersive Geodesic Dome - Jean-Louis Davoigneau, Luis Perez-Bayas

Objects and Cells 3+4 - Caspar de Gelmini

Composing and improvising with Electronics : Extended scores for visual-aural Electronics - Marco Bidin

Tweakable - Julian Woodward

Live Electronics: Performer Agency and Audience Reception - Jenn Kirby

OpenMusic-Spat-MuBu - Aaron Einbond

Embodme I Expressive Digital Instruments - Edgar Hémery

Chowndolo - Giacomo Lepri

theoneandthemany - Fabrizio Di Salvo

Fake, for piano and Antescofo - Fergal Dowling, Zubin Kanga

iZotope : How Technology Can Solve the Unsolvable in Audio Production - Jonathan Bailey

March 6th, 2020

De Tintinnabulis - Aesthetic experience and sound of the bells - Ludovic Landolt

Sangeet Shankh / Indian Snail - Mandar Karanjkar, Floy Krouchi, Robert Piechaud

Entering the musician's world: the use of VR to heighten emotions in music - Thery Al Alam

vvvv gamma, a new take on visual programming  - Joreg

iZotope: Artificial Intelligence in musical production - Dan D'ascenzo

Sound Lab Taïwan Projects Presentation - Chia Hui Chen, Cécile Huang

Spat4Sat Presentation - Fraction/Eric Raynaud

Music for listening - Ashlae Blume

Translanguaging - Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum