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    Antescofo language Programmation synchrone Software

    FREE- Antescofo is a real-time module for Max and PureData. It accepts a symbolic music score, and in real-time "listens" to a musician (via a mic...

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    ADM Metadata model Software

    FREE- The ADMix tool suite was developed for experimenting with the recording, playback and rendering of ADM files. ADM (Audio Definition Model) i...

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    Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tools

    Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tools

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    Real time Simulation Software

    FREE- Highly realistic simulation of vocal arousal with amplitude modulation. ANGUS (“Highway to yell”) is a real-time voice transformation to...

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    FREE- C.L.E.E.S.E. (Combinatorial Expressive Speech Engine) is a tool designed to generate an infinite number of natural-sounding, expressive vari...

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    Catart Descriptors Granular

    Corpus-based concatenative synthesis patches for Max based on the Mubu externals

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    CataRT Standalone

    Catart ISMM team Real time

    An innovative approach to sound synthesis based on multi-criteria representations of sound sample databases.

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    Compression temporelle Dilation Filtering

    Provides a visual and "sculptural" approach to sound manipulation

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    Real-time Software Vocal emotion

    FREE- Real-time emotional voices with D.A.V.I.D. (Da Amazing Voice Inflection Device) DAVID is a free, real-time voice transformation tool able...

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    Ai Dnn Ml

    Code for running monophonic pitch (F0) estimation using the fully-convolutional neural network models described in the publication : L. Ardaillo...

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    DYCI2 library

    Composition Concatenative synthesis Generative

    This library contains a collection of generative agents and tools for smart composition and human-machine co-improvisation integrating the results ...

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    CoMo Elements

    Gesture Interaction Interactive real-time

    Mobile webapp to create collectively sound-movement interaction

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    Forum Max Apps

    IRCAM Max Max lib

    FREE- Collections of Max6 patches that allow rapid use of IRCAM Forum audio technologies.

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    Gesture & Sound

    Gesture Interaction ISMM team

    Software modules for gesture-sound interactions The VoiceFollower allows synchronisation of sound and visual processes with pre-recorded voice. T...

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    Commandline tools for audio-to-text alignment. ircamAlign currently only supports texts written in French language.

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    Flow Synthetizer

    Ai CAO Cao

    Sound synthesizers are pervasive in music and they now even entirely define new music genres. However, their complexity and sets of parameters rend...

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    A dummy interface, for <fluidsynth~.mxo> max object (implemented by Norbert Schnell for Roland Cahen) without any Guarantee, that sometimes chrashes... and which...</fluidsynth~.mxo>

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    Filter Ircamax collection M4l

    The LadderFilter Max For Live device integrates an emulation of the famous Moog ladder filter alongside functionalities usually available in filter...

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    Max ISiS

    Isis MaxMSP Score to sound

    Max ISiS is a Max GUI for ISiS singing synthesis software.

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    Max Resonator

    A Max patch to calculate Resonance Models for the CNMAT resonators~ object (as the ResAn analysis GUI of Diphone Studio) & apply transformations on...

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    Max Sound Box

    Analyse du son Interaction ISMM team

    Real-time Interaction Modules for Max

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    Melodic Scale

    Gamme M4l Max

    Melodic Scale is a Max For Live device that automatically modifies a melodic line in real time, by changing its scale, mode or temperament. In the ...

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    Instruments virtuels Software

    Creating virtual music instruments based on physical models

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    ISMM team Max Movement analysis

    Toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, interactive sound synthesis and machine learning.

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    Najo Modular Interface 2

    Max Pedagogy

    A simplified interface for Max beginners.

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    Improvisation Software

    The Virtual Improviser Max Agent

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    Cao Programmation visuelle Software

    Visual programming environment for Computer Assisted Composition.

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    An OpenMusic library connecting to Spat

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    OpenMusic connection with IRCAM SuperVP signal processing kernel

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    OpenMusic connection to IRCAM pm2 additive analysis/synthesis kernel

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    Control of the Chant synthesizer in OM

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    Notation OM-lib OpenMusic

    An OpenMusic communication interface library with Lilypond.

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    Max lib MaxMSP Orchestration

    Assisted orchestration can be thought as the process of searching for the best combinations of orchestral sounds to match a target sound under spec...

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    CAO Temporal orchestration

    Reach a new level in sound imagination by exploring millions of orchestral combinations or sound mixtures that match a time-evolving sound target.

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    Control Ircamax collection Ircam forum devices

    MarblesLFO and PendulumsLFO use the physical functions of Max to emulate two physical systems (marbles falling in a box and a double pendulum) and ...

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    IRCAM Max lib MaxMSP

    Spat is a software suite for spatialization of sound signals in real-time intended for musical creation, postproduction, and live performances.

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    Catart ISMM team Max

    SKataRT is a MaxforLive device/instrument which brings together concatenative synthesis techniques from CataRT and synthesis techniques by mosaicing.

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    Panoramix is a standalone application dedicated to spatial audio mixing and post-production

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    Ircamax collection Ircam forum devices M4l

    SuperVPSourceFilter and SuperVPCross are focused on performing stereo cross synthesis with the SuperVP™ engine.

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    SuperVP Trax

    Software Sound transformation Voice synthesis

    A novel approach to voice synthesis through gender and age sound transformations.

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    SOL - Instrumental sounds datasets

    Corpus Database Virtual Instruments

    Ircam instrumental sound database coming from the Studio On Line project.

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    SOMAX 2

    CAO Composition Comprovisation

    Somax 2 is an application for musical improvisation and composition. It is implemented in Max and is based on a generative model using a process si...

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    Ircam lexicon Pds team Sound description

    Speak is a tool that allows to create an interface presenting a sound lexicon based on a list of words. Each word is related to a sound feature exp...

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    Digital audio workstation Open sound control

    ToscA stands for Thibaut’s OpenSoundControl Automation.

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    Vibra Voice

    MaxforLive Singing synthesis SuperVP

    Vibra Voice is a Max For Live device that adds and transforms the vibrato of a singing voice, in real time. In the studio or on the stage, Vibra Vo...

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    Virtual Choir

    Choir Max MaxforLive

    Virtual Choir is a Max for Live device, which creates a choir effect in real time, harmonizing the voice on different musical scales.

  • This is a programming repository



    Xtextures introduces a new parametric synthesis method for sound textures based on existing works in visual and sound texture synthesis. Xtextures ...